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Eyelash products

Eyelash Serum & Glue

Hair nourishment, hair growth, moisturizing

CKL Miracle lash Gel

A new hair growth treatment mascara with a nourishing effect.
There is also a curl-keeping effect of eyelash perm.

Miracle lash Gel EX

High content of human stem cell culture medium 10%. There is a lot of evidence that it is effective for hair growth.

CKL Elbarising Gel

A serum containing the active ingredients of herbs, vitamins and reed leaf extract. It provides firmness, firmness, and shine to damaged lashes.

Eyelash perm related

Glue Rod Rewinding

Washable glue-JP

Made of Japan, safety and security are the first priority, and eye irritation is suppressed to the utmost limit.
After curing, it is easy to remove with water, improving the penetration of the perming agent and making it easier to perm.

Washable glue

Since it is a transparent color, it is convenient because you can clearly see the eyelashes when winding up.

CKL Lash stick

“Eyelash perm items recognized by professionals”
Since it is designed to be non-slip from the hand, it can be used widely by beginners and professionals.

Eyelash Wrap

After applying the liquid, cover it with plastic wrap to improve the penetration rate and prevent dryness and oxidation.

CKL Silicone Rainbow Rod Series

CKL Universal Silicone Rod