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Uniforms & Aprons & Lab Coats

LindeLin offers a range of uniforms, aprons, and lab coats designed to showcase graceful and agile movements in salon work. Our products add a touch of elegance and dignity to your work environment, making your professional scene more beautiful and vibrant.

Heat Mats

CML offers a range of heat mat products that can be selected based on the treatments performed at esthetic salons. Whether you need a heat mat for the entire body or specific body parts, we recommend choosing a product that suits your treatment courses.

Esthetic Supplies and Disposable Items

We offer a wide range of esthetic supplies and disposable items, including paper products, bowls, brushes, disposable sheets, disposable pants, sponges, steamers, beds, trolleys, and stools.

These products are designed to meet the various needs of esthetic salons, providing convenience and hygiene for your treatments.

Esthetic Cosmetics

Esthetic Supplies, Gowns, and Towels

We offer a range of esthetic supplies, gowns, and towels made from various fabrics. Our fabric options include velour, soft-touch, water silk, towel, and polyester fabrics.

For esthetic treatments, we provide gowns, bathrobes, turbans, cushions, slippers, and covers to enhance comfort and relaxation during the session. These items are designed with quality materials to ensure durability and a luxurious experience for your clients.