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Esthetic uniform、Esthetic apron、White coat、Esthetic shoes


Tunic&Dress & Apron & White coat

It is a design that combines elegance and feminine cuteness. The soft and flexible materials used allow for easy movement, beautifully complementing your work scene


In an elegant silhouette, this collarless one-piece coat exudes beauty and sophistication.。

One-piece coat1403

A beautifully detailed, simple, and elegant one-piece dress exuding a sense of cleanliness.

One-piece coat1405

A two-tone dress with contrasting lines, featuring accentuated paneling.

One-piece coat1406

A cute design with a large adjustable bow as the focal point.

One-piece coat1408

A simple design that exudes femininity in a one-piece dress.


A timeless design with white accents, simple yet never tiring.


A stylish design that exudes elegance and poise.

Tunic coat 2111

A graceful collarless tunic coat with a beautiful silhouette.

Tunic coat 2301

NEW! Salon uniforms that blend comfort and style!

Tunic 2302 BLACK

NEW! Introducing fresh and clean uniforms! Ensuring comfortable wear for any treatment.

Tunic 2302 WHITE

NEW! This tunic-style uniform combines ease of movement and style, using a silky-smooth fabric.

LDL pants

NEW! The slender design not only gives a sophisticated impression, but also takes into account the ease of movement.

LDL ApronL 01

It is a simple plain headgear type apron with no strings or buttons. You can wear it quickly when you are busy and get to work right away.

LDL Apron L02

NEW! It can be worn while adjusting to your body shape using the built-in strings in the waistline, completing a natural A-line silhouette.

LDL ApronL 03

NEW! The shoulder straps add a stylish accent to the design while also allowing for length adjustment and a comfortable fit. With pockets in four locations, it offers exceptional storage capacity.

Stylish Apron

A vibrant combination of vivid colors and mesh material, with striking lines on a black base, creating a bright and lively impression, available in a wide range of color variations.

String Apron

An apron designed to be tied with strings on both sides, allowing for a customization fit regardless of body shape.

Piping Apron

A knee-length apron exuding sophistication with a simple design that never gets boring, accentuated by delicate piping lines.

V-neck apron

A simple and basic one-tone apron with a wider V-neck design at the neckline, creating a clean and elegant decollete.

Macron apron

A playful apron with a front-tie ribbon and a macaron-colored double-line design, adding a cute and vibrant touch.

Lace apron(black)

An elegant apron with a touch of sophistication, featuring embroidered lace on the chest and pockets, and black lace details for a mature and refined look.

Lace apron(white)

An adorable apron with a touch of innocence, featuring embroidered lace on the chest and pockets, and white lace details for a pure and cute look.

RakuRaku apron

The back features an H-shaped shoulder strap design, ensuring a secure fit without slipping, and easy-to-use magnetic buttons for stress-free wear and removal.

Sweet apron

A professional and sophisticated look with a black base, featuring vibrant colored ribbon tape designed at the waistline, adding a touch of feminine softness.

Specialist apron

A long-length apron with a stylish silhouette that enhances your look, featuring two front and two side pockets for excellent storage capacity.

Cute apron

A short-length apron that allows for easy movement, with three front and two side pockets providing ample storage capacity, making it perfect for practical use in salon work.

Doctor’s white coat

A professional and functional attire with a clean design that allows unrestricted movement and sleeves that do not interfere with work, ensuring high functionality and a sense of cleanliness.

Doctor’s white coat
(Three-quarter sleeves)

A stylish white coat with a simple and basic design, featuring three-quarter sleeves and slits on the sleeves and hem for ease of movement. Its A-line silhouette adds a touch of femininity, making it a practical and elegant choice.

Male doctor’s coat

A simple design men’s white coat that exudes a professional atmosphere.

LDL Air Nurse Shoes(White)

It is a light and comfortable work shoe. The air cushion in the heel reduces the burden on the feet, prevents fatigue, and supports long salon work.


Tunic&Dress& Apron&Shoose

Adding a touch of elegance and sophistication, this apron enhances the beauty and grace of salon work movements, showcasing a sense of glamour and dignity.

Dress No 02

The fabric with excellent water and oil repellency is resistant to oil stains, making it easy to clean and ensuring long-lasting wear. The front box pleats add functionality by allowing for easy movement and ample legroom.

Dress No 03

A design that combines elegance with a touch of cuteness, featuring a deep navy color for sophistication and rounded collar with button accents for a charming touch.

Dress No 04

A high-design one-piece dress with collar and waistline contrast as its focal point.

Dress A

This dress features an elegant A-line silhouette and cute shoulder ribbons, allowing for adjustable ribbons both at the front and back. It is available in sizes ranging from SS to 7L.

Dress B

A stylish piece with a tailored collar exuding a sense of sophistication, complemented by black lines that accentuate the silhouette and add a striking presence.。

Dress C

A chic one-piece dress with a unique and feminine design featuring shoulder panel contrasts, a clean crew neckline, and additional panel contrasts at the chest and waist, creating a sophisticated impression.。

Dress No 12(cream)

A design that combines sophistication and a classical touch, featuring a clean cream base and a longer length in brown crosslines for an elegant and mature impression. The buttons placed along the crosslines add a touch of casualness to the overall design.

Dress No 12(navy)

An elegant and sophisticated piece with a deep navy base, featuring buttons along the crossing lines that add a touch of casual charm to the mature and classy design. With a wide range of size options available, you can find the perfect fit and enjoy a grown-up yet adorable style.

Tunic N

A highly functional piece with a front zipper for easy on and off, featuring back box pleats and hem slits to enhance upper body mobility.

Tunic N

A timeless design with cream accents, featuring a simple and versatile style. The fabric is treated with water and oil repellent, making it resistant to stains and oil marks, ensuring long-lasting wear.

Tunic C

A high-design tunic with a double black collar that sharpens the facial impression! The cream base is made of skin-friendly material with anti-see-through properties, and delicate piping adds a touch of graceful curves, creating a beautifully slim and elegant design.

Tunic H

A design that combines classic and feminine cuteness, with thick lines placed higher up to accentuate the flared line towards the hem, creating a charming and elegant look.ン。

Tunic E-B

The round neckline designed with a wide collar creates a clean and elegant look around the neck, enhancing the appearance of a small face.

Tunic E-W

A basic piece in cream color that exudes purity and cleanliness, while the black lines add just the right touch of simplicity, making it versatile for various salon scenes.。

Tunic pants

Lightweight and easy to move in, with elastic on both sides of the waist for a comfortable fit. It pairs well with tunics, allowing for versatile styling and a variety of combinations.

Apron A03

An easy-to-coordinate apron with five buttonholes, allowing you to adjust the size and wear it with your preferred fit.

Apron A06

This apron features a unique and highly designed collar and chest tucks, creating a distinctive and impact look. The wide-open collar and sleek design add to its stylish appeal. Additionally, the loop at the neckline allows for three levels of size adjustment, providing a customization fit.

Apron A15

This apron features a cute collar and waist ribbon, adding a touch of cuteness to its formal and sophisticated tailored collar design. The black base gives it a chic and luxurious feel, while the waist ribbon adds an adult-like charm. The apron provides full support even at the back, allowing you to feel at ease without worrying about the back style.

Apron J

This long apron exudes elegance with its dress-like style. The buttons on the collar and pocket add a touch of cuteness to the design. With full support at the back, you can wear it confidently without worrying about the back style, making it a versatile and bottomless design.

Elegant innerwear

This high-functioning innerwear features a stretchy seamless design, ensuring a comfortable fit. The moderate fit and three-quarter sleeves do not interfere with salon work. The thin material is non-bulky, making it suitable for use as a thermal inner wear, providing versatility in its wearability.

Name plate

This essential nameplate for salon work features a stylish design. It comes with a safety pin attachment, and additionally, a strong magnet that securely holds it without damaging the clothes.

Air nurse shoes(White)

These nurse shoes feature a front ribbon as an accent. The air cushion in the heel reduces the strain on the feet, providing comfort and support during long hours of salon work. The design also elongates the legs like heels, allowing for a stylish and uplifted look.

Air nurse shoes(black)

These nurse shoes feature a front ribbon as an accent. The air cushion in the heel reduces the strain on the feet, providing comfort and support during long hours of salon work. The design also elongates the legs like heels, allowing for a stylish and uplifted look.