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Introducing the New Apron!!

★ Now Available ★

Introducing the LDL Apron L01Now Available for Sale!

An apron that you simply slip on without any strings or buttons – Easy to put on and take off.

This is a plain, simple, solid-colored slip-on apron without any strings or buttons. You can easily put it on even during busy times and get right to work.

With two large pockets on the front and a comfortable length for easy movement, you can spend your time comfortably and move around freely.

Introducing the LDL Apron L02Now Available for Sale!

A Dress-like Apron with a Distinctive Waistline

Featuring an incorporated drawstring at the waistline, this apron can be adjusted to fit various body types, creating a natural A-line silhouette. The gently flared outline naturally conceals body shapes, and the hidden pockets on both sides enhance practicality. The length of the shoulder straps is also adjustable. With robust support extending to the back, there’s no need to worry about your rear view – it’s a design that eliminates the need for bottoms.

Don’t miss out on this innovative addition to your workspace!

Introducing the LDL Apron L03Now Available for Sale!

With its distinctive shoulder straps, this salon-style overall apron adds a touch of flair.

The shoulder straps not only serve as stylish accents but also offer adjustable lengths for a comfortable fit. Equipped with four pockets – two on the front and two on the back – it excels in storage capacity! Its full-length design not only suits a variety of industries but also provides protection against stains during treatments.

Furthermore, the apron boasts a hip-concealing design with added mobility thanks to strategically placed slits. Don’t miss out on this innovative addition to your workspace!